Coulthard Shield

Once a year, one exceptional child is presented with the Coulthard Shield for their efforts in caring for our school. Β This year was our youngest ever winner (he only started school in September). Β Mrs Bramley, Mrs Walker and Mrs Searle were especially proud of their Bumblebee who has shown lots of willingness to help clear away resources and care for his learning space. Β The award is dedicated to somebody who spent years caring for Applegarth School, Graham Coulthard.


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on “Coulthard Shield
One Comment on “Coulthard Shield
  1. Mr Coulthard will always be remembered at Applegarth as our Caretaker who cared not only for the building but every single person within it. He is remembered particularly at Christmas time when we think very hard about who deserves to take home this special cup. Last year’s winner told us she treasured the trophy and kept it by the fireside all year.

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