Reading, Writing , Mathematics and Smoothies

The children in Bees have been busy, both following their own interests and completing teacher directed work.  A group of children showed an interest in making smoothies recently so we’ve opened a smoothie bar to encourage children to make up their own concoctions of healthy drinks.  Other children have been designing hi tech paper laptops which consumers will be able to purchase in September 2024.  All the children enjoyed listening to the Gruffalo story and some have written warning signs, just in case a Gruffalo makes an appearance in school (we’ve seen stranger things).  A post office has been gopened in Honeybees to encourage children to compare and order the weight of different parcels.  The new Light Box remains popular to encourage pattern making and counting.  The children have also been reading and writing about woodland creatures and using new vocabulary such as ‘nocturnal’, ‘hibernate’, ‘diet’ and ‘habitat’.  Some children chose to draw woodland creatures on a large scale and write about them in the outdoor area.

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on “Reading, Writing , Mathematics and Smoothies
One Comment on “Reading, Writing , Mathematics and Smoothies
  1. Such a range of photographs showing the exciting learning in the Bees. Fabulous idea making smoothies.
    Science, maths, writing within the different areas of provision both inside and outside.

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