Fishy business going on in Northallerton

Anita came today to tell us the story of Ascension Day- how Jesus ascended back up to Heaven after 40 days following his resurrection.

His friends were sad and a litttle worried about being left by themselves and thought that they would be left alone, going back to their jobs as fishermen. Jesus had other plans for them. He told them that they would be ” fishers of men.” Β This meant that they would go and tell everyone about Jesus and spread his message. Β To help them with their courage he sent the Holy Spiirit into their hearts.

Anita told the children that there is going to be a ‘Fishy Trail’ around the town. Children need to look out for fishes in the shops which will have a question on them. Complete the trail and hand in the entry form to win some great prizes.

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on “Fishy business going on in Northallerton
One Comment on “Fishy business going on in Northallerton
  1. We welcomed our Children’s and Families Minister into school today and look forward to working closely with her after the half term holidays.

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