Forest Friday 20.10.17

The children in Honeybees were once again busy exploring, creating and role playing in the wildlife area. ย  The learning ranged from practising with home made bows and arrows, painting branches, acting out storm scenarios, making rivers of poison and finding and observing ladybirds. ย The children are forming some really strong friendships and working outside gives them the space and freedom to enjoy learning alongside each other.


on “Forest Friday 20.10.17
5 Comments on “Forest Friday 20.10.17
  1. What an exciting Forrest school trip! I’ve loved hearing about the multicoloured branch painting,how to make bows and arrows and the river of poison! It’s wonderful to see how their imaginations flourish outdoors.
    Well done Bees ๐Ÿ˜Š (I may just have to take a days holiday so I can join in too)

  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. The bows and arrows certainly do look like good fun.
    Thanks for a superb start to life in school for these youngest children.
    Maybe if the weather stays fine the children might show you at thing or two outside in a park or garden.

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