Mathemagical Maths

The school was visited by Angie from our Magical Maths Club today.  She amazed everyone with her maths predictions and was even able to beat Mr Edwards in a calculator race!  To find out more mathemagical secrets, join the Magical Maths Club in the spring term (children from both Key Stage 1 and 2, every Thursday after school for 6 weeks).  For a registration form go to: or alternatively book by phoning 01757 701303.  If you would like more information then please speak to the office staff or Mr Edwards.

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on “Mathemagical Maths
One Comment on “Mathemagical Maths
  1. Our maths club has now started and it is great to see new members. Why not look on the website to find out more. The children had a fabulous t8me this week.

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