Keeping safe – Electricity Talk

Today Mr Bob Knox came into our school to talk about keeping safe when around electricity.

He talked to us about how electricity Is made, how this is made safe so that it can enter our home using transformers and keeping safe in our homes.

We learned about high and low voltage;substations ( and their dangers) ;what’s inside a cable;conductors and insulators.

We learned about the dangers outside such as pylons, substations and overhead wires on wooden fact the children were given the opportunity to hold some of the cooper wires which are used on these wooden poles and saw that they are not insulated. 


He also showed us some of the dangers we face at home such as breaks in cables which expose the wires inside; overloaded sockets; and one of the worst -mobile phone chargers.

The children will be experts now so get them to talk to you about what they have learned; they could even conduct a safety survey in your house with you!

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on “Keeping safe – Electricity Talk
One Comment on “Keeping safe – Electricity Talk
  1. I hope thechildren do share their new knowledge at home. Those mobile phone leads are certainly a new danger to look out for.

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