Where is Australia?

This term the children will be learning about a number of places around the world.  We’ve started with Australia because the Commonwealth Games recently took place over there.   Our very own Concept Squirrel has just recently returned from his visit to Australia and he has been sharing his diary with the children and giving us an insight into his adventures. The children have been role playing in a travel agents, producing aboriginal art, using interactive maps, making up stories on our small world airport as well as a number of other things.  Many children have also been following their own interests such as building army tanks, making signs for our new tadpoles, creating a water park for dinosaurs, preparing shopping lists for the week and making cupcakes with playdough.  It’s been a busy four days!



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  1. Such an exciting topic, they are all so enthusiastic. Im loving hearing about all they have been doing. Im so pleased the tadpoles are being so well looked after.

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