Australia Day in Bees 23.04.18

The children had a wonderful time visiting Australia.  Highlights included travelling by boat down the Daintree River and spotting crocodiles; camping near Ayers Rock; surfing near  Bondi Beach; wearing scuba equipment and identifying marine life in the Great Barrier Reef and using Google Expeditions to look at Sydney harbour from up above.  The children seemed to really enjoy it and hopefully it will inspire writing for later in the week!

The password is blueribbon.


Final Australia Day from Applegarth Primary School on Vimeo.


on “Australia Day in Bees 23.04.18
10 Comments on “Australia Day in Bees 23.04.18
  1. Wow! What a great day they all must have had. Finley was full of excitement when he came home and talked about the places he visited.

  2. What a great video!! The kids look like they had so much fun! Freddie really enjoyed it. However I have had that song in my head all day

  3. A fantastic day! The crocodile warning signs worried our older children too. Thanks for organising such a fabulous day. The volleyball was great fun!

  4. You wonderful Bees Team! What a huge amount of effort you all made!! ! It looked like a fabulous day the joy on all the faces!
    Max has never been more excited than about his trip to Australia!!!

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