Map explorers!

Heritage Week has been in full flow across school this week as children from the youngest to the oldest have learnt about Northallerton, how it has changed over the years, what has stayed the same and some VERY curious and interesting facts that I’m sure will be shared with adults at home!

Y3/4 children explored local maps, tracking their route home if they could. Discussions were held about Northallerton ten years ago, one hundred years ago and even older while some of us tried to predict what it would look like in one hundred years time…a challenge indeed!

Children learnt about the Town Hall and the varying role it had over the years. We read some old leaflets and found some vocabulary we needed to understand before we could summarise what past authors thought about our lovely town. Phew! What a great week!

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on “Map explorers!
One Comment on “Map explorers!
  1. Another fabulous week – using history to develop English and Maths skills as well. Lots of debate and discussion about why changes have happened too.
    Thanks all!

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