Forest School 13.11.18

A super proud day! The children were very sensible, followed the rules and played beautifully making Miss Miller and all the adults very proud! We were very lucky; it was a very beautiful winter’s day. The sun was shining and the children were so excited to get off and explore this new learning environment.

Firstly, we talked about our forest school rules and how to keep us and our friends safe. We then went on a nature walk. The children found half-eaten pine cones, mushrooms, fallen trees and lots of mini-beasts! Next, we played the dragon and egg game…even the adults got involved!

After lunch, the children then had a competition to make the best den. The children were very competitive and spent a long time hunting for the largest branches. One of the children thought that pine needles would be the best material for the roof.

During the afternoon, if they were not playing in their dens, the children decided to make small shelters for their forest elves and fairies.

At the end of the day the children reflected on their learning and we even got some time for meditation, looking at the trees moving in the wind.




on “Forest School 13.11.18
3 Comments on “Forest School 13.11.18
  1. It is fabulous to see the children enjoying their learning outside and good to know that time is planned into the session to reflect on their learning. Crucial to our ReflectEd project work.

  2. It’s been such fun joining the children for Forest School. It’s great to see them enjoying the great outdoors: building dens, making peg fairies/princes/princesses, playing games and just generally having a really good time. What a fabulous opportunity for them

  3. Forest school is always the highlight of Harry’s week, he talks about everything he does so enthusiastically! Lovely to see learning taken outdoors!

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