Key Steps Gymnastics

Twenty one girls from year one to year six took part in the Key Steps Gymnastics at Hambleton leisure centre. The children had three disciplines to complete, body management, floor and vault which they had practiced both at school and at home.  All the practice and determination paid off as all children tried their best, offered support to each other and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

A big congratulations to our year 5/6 A team who received gold medals and an invitation to the next round as well Natalia and Summer who recieved silver for their individual performance.




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  1. Well done girls! Excellent effort. It’s particularly lovely to hear of you offering support to each other – that’s the Applegarth way.

  2. All the team were beaming when they returned to school. Mrs O’Toole talked about the progress children make in gymnastics some from starting school with limited skills. She also commented on the ‘team spirit’ shown and good behaviour. She was, as we all are, very proud. They aimed high, enjoyed themselves and we all get to celebrate together their success at both winning and progress.

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