Governor Visit – Curriculum

Children from across the school met Mr Hodgson one of our school governors on Friday. They brought their books and talked about their learning. They discussed their knowledge of history, some recently introduced strategies to edit and improve their written work, their current topics and past topics. Throughout the discussion they referred to the ReflectEd strategies they have been taught and are now using across the curriculum. They were confident and thoughtful successfully building on and sometimes respectfully debating the comments and opinions of each other. They showed knowledge of history remembered from their recent lessons and from topics earlier this year.

We then visited classrooms and met some of the teachers. Miss Miller explained the process of planning in the Bees and how quality literature supported the children’s learning.

Thank you all

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on “Governor Visit – Curriculum
One Comment on “Governor Visit – Curriculum
  1. Fantastic! I know how impressed you were with how the children spoke so articulately and with such confidence and knowledge.

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