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We had a discussion today about how to keep safe when we play on our computer and tablets. The children had some very sensible ideas like:

– “ask an adult if I am old enough to play on this game”

– “think am I old enough to play that game”

– “if something pops up on your screen, you just press the x button”

– “if something comes up bad you have to tell an adult.”

– “sit near an adult when I play my games so they know what I am doing”

– “ask an adult for help if something goes wrong.”

– “don’t play on my tablet all night because I will get tired and be grumpy at school in the morning”

-“don’t play on the game you’re not supposed to play”

– “if someone sends you a friend request on a game, you have to ignore it and tell your adult because that person might be a bad person”

After discussing online safety, one children commented “ I know not to play on Skylanders because that game is for 7 year old and I’m not old enough because I am only 4.”

Another children reflected on the session and said “ I used to watch something that was too old for me but now I won’t watch it anymore because you have told me that I am not old enough.”

The adults in Bees were very proud of how sensible the children approached this topic. Perhaps you could ask them at home about online safety.


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  1. Thank you for having this conversation. It’s good to hear how aware the children are about the need to stay safe online.

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