Mighty Metals workshops inspire Y3/4 engineers

The children in Y3/4 have had an incredible day today learning about metals in different ways with the help of two visiting experts from BSC Filters, York.

Howard Cross, Senior Mechanical Production Engineer and Dan Malarkey, Workshop Supervisor, visited each workshop in turn, lending their expertise to each workshop and demonstrating the use of vernia callipers to measure screw length and diameter in millimetres, explaining how the properties of different metals affected their use in industry and generally asking and answering questions.

The children took part in four workshops in different classes using technological language to explore and predict.

The workshops included an engineering room, where children learnt about filters that were built into satellites, explored properties of metals and created a realistic BSC Filters work environment with an ‘Idea Board’ that was then included on a ‘Do,Doing, Done’ display.

Children explored how malleable metals were and used scrap metal to make wind chimes. They also melted serabend and poured it into special plasticine moulds to make keys and spanners. Children also had the opportunity to research a chosen metal and used this knowledge to help them in other workshops.

A lot of knowledge was built on and learnt and all children were able to reflect on the day, celebrating the fact that they were all curious engineers, collaborative workers or creative problem solvers.

A huge thank you to Mr Cross, Mr Malarky and all the other adults in school who worked so hard to make such a fun, educational day.

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