Creative Arts Year 3/4

Pupils in Year 3/4 have been learning about the structure of different pieces of music.Β  They have learnt to understand musical conversation structure and practised call and response compositions by playing accompaniments to the song ‘Dis Long Time Gal’.

As part of our ‘Playlist’ project this half term, we have listened to a number of classical and modern day songs.Β  Pieces written by artists such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Camille Saint Saens, Georges Bizet, Prokofiev, The Beatles, Lulu, Elvis (just to name a few) have inspired each child to produce a collage of artwork.

Igor Stravinsky’s, ‘The Firebird’ also motivated us to combine oil pastels and paint to create our own firebirds.

In art, the children have used different techniques and media to paint, including learning about shade and tone and texture.

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