Bundle of Joy Nativity 15th December 2020

Mrs. Burrell, Mrs. Searle, and I hope you enjoy our Christmas production. The children have been amazing throughout and have loved singing and acting. Their Grumble faces are particularly fantastic.

A big well done to all the Bees!

We wish all our families a Merry Christmas and a hopefully a more social New Year.

Bee Team


To access this video you require a password. This will be sent to you via the school text service. Please follow the guidance in the email concerning safeguarding which has been sent to you today. We ask that you do not share this password with anybody. This is part of the Acceptable Internet Use Agreement that all families have signed.



on “Bundle of Joy Nativity 15th December 2020
8 Comments on “Bundle of Joy Nativity 15th December 2020
  1. Such a fabulous performance, thank you so much to everyone involved. The students were spectacular! This is a wonderful end to a very strange term for everyone.

  2. Absolutely wonderful nativity performance. What superstars 🌟 So lovely to do this when we couldn’t come to an actual performance, I must admit I filled up 😭 thank you

  3. Well done you are the Brilliant Bees!
    Amazing singing and dancing from you all with confident story telling from some of the children. 🍎🌟

  4. This is a brilliant video, well done to all the children who did a fab job and the teaching team for their hard work organising and directing 🙂

  5. We were all very excited to watch this in our house. The children and staff have done a fantastic job. Thank you. Superstars in the making.

  6. My wife, Wilf and I watched this last night! It was absolutely brilliant. We loved the effects, the singing, the pictures and editing. Well done everyone- fantastic job. Mr Peoples

    • We loved watching the nativity and what a fabulous performance by the Bees! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to put this together.

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