Fairies found in the wildlife garden


Bees had great fun reading the story ‘Freddie and the Fairy’ by Julia Donaldson at Forest school. The question was posed: ‘Do you think we have fairies hiding in our forest area?’

We searched for evidence and found a tiny leaf that could be an umbrella, a log that could be the bridge into fairy world and a star that had fallen off a broken wand that had then started mixing up the spells as we found a huge spoon that should be tiny for the fairies to use.

The children enjoyed creating their own fairy worlds with materials that they found in the area. Some had their own swimming pools for the fairy to relax in!

At Applegarth we have out own fairy doors but we discovered that one of the fairy doors is located underneath the bird box. One child explained that the bird box is actually the fairy’s house and that inside the tree is actually a staircase. Another child bent door and listened to the door and excitedly said ‘I can hear them, they have got the television on. I think they are watching Numberblocks!’

The children unearthed lots of worms and it was suggested that fairies don’t have dogs and cats as pets like us humans do, but instead, fairies have worms as pets!

Finally, some children were digging away and discovered a tree root. One child was adamant that it wasn’t a tree root but in fact it was the underground tunnels that the fairies travel along and that is why we can not see them.

We had a great afternoon searching for fairies and it was lovely to hear the children use their amazing imagination!

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on “Fairies found in the wildlife garden
One Comment on “Fairies found in the wildlife garden
  1. It’s lovely that the children have been able to make use of the forest area again and it has helped to feed their imagination.

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