Grinton Mill – Year 3/4 Field Study

Today, my class journeyed into the Yorkshire Dales to visit Grinton Mill and learn about different types of rocks.   The children enjoyed a scenic walk from the youth hostel to the smelt mill in the valley.  There, they collected rock samples and performed different tests to investigate the properties of the rocks they found.   They also went fossil hunting and remarkable found an amazing collection of fossils.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast over the next few days has resulted in the visits for Mrs Jones’ and Mrs Cross’s class being postponed until after half term.   I’m sure they’ll be excited to go!

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on “Grinton Mill – Year 3/4 Field Study
One Comment on “Grinton Mill – Year 3/4 Field Study
  1. What a fantastic learning experience! I wish rocks were this exciting when I was in primary school. The pupils were amazed at what they unearthed. Some even tried carrying rocks almost as big as themselves back to the bus so that they could keep their fossils! I would like to say great work, Mr Whiteley, for your choice of song on the video too😁

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