Y5/6 Dodgeball Competition 01.03.2023

Yesterday, 10 of our year 5s and 6s went to Northallerton Leisure Centre to take part in a dodgeball competition. They had a super time and loved every second playing and even managed to come home with a silver medal. The children were so pleased when they got back to school!


on “Y5/6 Dodgeball Competition 01.03.2023
3 Comments on “Y5/6 Dodgeball Competition 01.03.2023
  1. Another brilliant result. Well done Year 5 and 6- a brilliant result. I love the last photo in the gallery. I hope no ipads were broken as a result!

  2. Well done team. Incredibly proud in our house. So great to see a different set of faces picked for school sport teams.
    Shame you didnโ€™t make the school newsletter- but for us, โ€˜evenโ€™ managing a silver is reason to celebrate!

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