Vision and Values


We are a supportive, safe and aspirational school with a proud heritage and ambitious vision to build a thriving and inclusive community.

Our vision for Applegarth is that:

  • Our learners will be confident and aspirational individuals, who have high expectations of themselves and are courageous risk-takers, ready for the next step in their lives.
  • High standards will be achieved through a rich, contextually-relevant and exciting curriculum that provides memorable experiences through inspirational teaching, high-quality educational visits and input from experts.
  • Pupils from all backgrounds, contexts and starting points will achieve exemplary academic progress and personal development, where talents are quickly identified and effectively nurtured.
  • Our school community will be able to celebrate their own unique qualities whilst showing respect and care for the diverse and ever-changing world around them.
  • We will be proud to say that we have fulfilled the purpose of being the model school at the heart of our town and county.


The following values will help us to achieve our vision:

  • Our staff are professional, accountable and have expert knowledge through comprehensive high-quality self-learning and professional development.
  • We are an outward-looking school which develops strong links with partners in the local community and further afield.
  • Our pupils confidently articulate what it means to be a good citizen and proactively contribute to their locality and wider world.
  • We enable strong and enduring relationships by placing the wellbeing of every member of our school community at the heart of what we do.
  • The Applegarth family is ready, respectful and safe.

Mr J Peoples

Written in July 2021 after extensive collaboration with pupils, staff, governors, families, local residents and stakeholders in the wider community.