Goodbye Mrs Blair – Thank You

On the last day of term we said goodbye to a very special lady, Mrs Blair.  Mrs Blair has worked at Applegarth School for 40 years and has now decided it is time to retire.  In school, the children and staff (both past and present) joined Mrs Blair to thank her for everything she has done for the children at Applegarth.  Mrs Blair epitomised the ‘Applegarth Way’, someone who cared for everyone and always spared time to help and listen to those who needed it.  Thank you!




on “Goodbye Mrs Blair – Thank You
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  1. Mrs Blair took home several ‘Apple’ certificates showing how she met our Apple Targets many. many times over…
    Caring for our School
    Being Kind and Gentle
    Active Listening
    Being Honest
    Aiming High
    It was fabulous to see her colleagues from the past join in her special assembly. The singing was lovely and several were emotional as we said farewell but not goodbye.

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