How many?

Aisha created a marshmallow pyramid for her homework this week. Although we desperately wanted to gobble up the whole thing, we just knew we had to do some maths first.

Estimate how many marshmallows were used in the pyramid. How would you do it?

How many will each child in the class get if we were to share the pyramid? (there are 32 of us in our class)


Put your answers below and explain how you worked it out!


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  1. I loved Aisha’s marshmallow pyramid it was so delicious my favourite part was the sweet chocolate sauce and the strawberry marshmallows. Finding how many there marshmallows there was in total was tricky. Thank you Aisha for bringing that in to school :]

  2. Well done Aisha thanks for the marshmallows. They were tasty with the chocolate sauce with sprinkles great homework. From Layton 🙂

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