Darwin class visit to Scruton Station

On Wednesday 18th October Darwin class visited Scruton station.  The children were so excited when the leaders arrived on our bus and presented them with clothes to dress up in.  From that moment we were back in the year 1917 learning about how the station ran.  We met lots of characters from the village and learned how parcels were weighed, labelled and sent by train; how we have found out about the lives of people in the past by using Census information; and we looked at artefacts from the past connecting to the trains.  Everyone was so interesting and kind to us at the station and the children were thrilled to take part.

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on “Darwin class visit to Scruton Station
One Comment on “Darwin class visit to Scruton Station
  1. More examples of the children developing the skills of enquiry and learning about the local area’s heritage.
    Thanks to everyone for making these days such a success.
    Some have already been back to the station with their families over the half term holiday.

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