Calling all Elves!

Puffins Class were even more excited than usual this morning when they discovered that they could rename their Headteacher “Frosty Sleighbells”!

Thanks Aiden for wearing your super elf top – we love it and it has caused much entertainment!

Can you work out your elf name and add it below?

love from Sprout Pudding

One Comment

on “Calling all Elves!
One Comment on “Calling all Elves!
  1. Guess the teacher:
    Sprout Pudding
    Sprout Elf Pants
    Frosty Sleighbells
    Fizzy Sleighbells
    Tinsel Sparklebaubles
    Prancer Twinkletoes
    Dasher Trufflesocks
    Tinsel Twinkletoes
    Kringle McSprinkle

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