Engrossed in new vocabulary…

Year 3/4 children in Earhart Class have had an engrossing afternoon delving into a challenging excerpt about Pliny and the eruption of Vesuvius. They read it carefully then used pencils to circle unknown words or phrases, such as ‘implored’, ‘charred’, ‘shallow’ and ‘helmsman’.  Discussions with a partner enabled the children to start to work out the meaning then we all read the passages together before eventually turning to a dictionary to confirm what we thought.

What an interesting afternoon as children added new vocabulary to their own word banks for use later in the week!

We now feel very ‘accomplished’… Is that a new word for us to discover too perhaps? 


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on “Engrossed in new vocabulary…
One Comment on “Engrossed in new vocabulary…
  1. It is great to see children really focussed on their learning. Our year of vibrant vocabulary is off to a cracking start. Well done all.

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