Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

It was important that we organised something special to give Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Browne and Mrs Sadler a really good send off.  The combined number of years they have taught the children of Applegarth School is too big a number to comprehend!   All three are very much loved by the children and adults in the school and the following photographs illustrate why.
The password for the video is blueribbon.


Applegarth Tea Party Video from Applegarth Primary School on Vimeo.


on “Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
6 Comments on “Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
  1. Brilliant photos which capture the fantastic celebration we enjoyed for three very special ladies who will be very much missed by everyone in the Applegarth family.

  2. What a fabulous video and photographs thank you so much for putting it together. I know that the children will love looking at these and remember the fun they had.
    Great choice of music – again!

  3. Thank you everyone for making sure it was a fun afternoon. It was great to see all the costumes and the smiling faces. Great photos, Mr Whiteley!

  4. Thanks for these photos, it looks like a great time was had by all! What a lovely way for everyone to say goodbye.

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