Music 4 Life teaching rhythm and sound

Applegarth children were treated to a visit from James Stretton who is employed by Music 4 Life, bringing music and instrument playing to schools in North Yorkshire.

James started off the day with a whole school assembly, demonstrating how brass instruments produced sound, making sure our ambichoures were correct. He then proceeded to use volunteers from our audience to play instruments from a post horn to a tuba.

Year 4 children were lucky enough to take part in workshops that used trombones and trumpets, teaching children to form their mouths correctly to produce the correct buzzing sound.

Vocabulary was used like tempo and pitch and children were encouraged to work and listen to each other before performing to a final school audience at the end of the day. They clearly used good reflective techniques, understanding how to learn from their mistakes and be coached by others.

A huge thank you to James and Music 4 Life for allowing us to have this opportunity.


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