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In order to prepare for all eventualities, your child should have received a folder with tasks to complete at home if schools in England are required to close.  Each child has been issued a username and password for a website called Emile (see the sticker on your child’s folder).  If you have already made the decision to self isolate in your homes, children can test out the website now.

Additionally, we have prepared a grid of activities for pupils across all ages to work through in the order they choose.  If the technology is available at home, pupils may like to post any work into their Seesaw folder.

You may have noticed the Seesaw Code in your child’s folder.  It gives them access to their Seesaw account to not only post their work or capture a recording of them reading their books, but also for teachers to send additional activities home if schools are affected by the virus beyond the Easter holidays.

Additional activities include Rockstars Maths or Purple Mash.   Don’t forget reading books!!!





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  1. Thank you for this. My daughter has showed me round see saw tonight.. a great resource. Thanks to all for preparing the children with work for home.

  2. The packs are amazing and full of fun!! Difficult circumstances we are all dealing with, but thank you for the time and hard work you have all put into preparing these for each child

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