Applegarth’s Got Talent 12.07.2023 πŸŽ€πŸ•ΊπŸŽ­

Last night, we hosted the first Applegarth’s Got Talent since 2018! The diversity of acts was fantastic (from poems to songs, dancers and musicians). The courage it takes to get on the stage in front of hundreds of people is tremendous. We are so proud of each and every one of our acts for their commitment to rehearsals and for putting themselves forward. I’m sure they all feel such a sense of achievement and confidence now.

I must mention the wonderful hosts too. Our four Year 6 pupils were outstanding- they were like an act themselves! They had dozens of lines to learn and kept the audience entertained all evening.

The winning act, Give it Legs, gave a hilarious spoof magicians’ performance! An incredible performance which was written entirely by Barney and Rowan. What a brilliant way to end their time with us before they move on to Year 7.

Thank you to Miss Mutch (who has seen this from an idea to its delivery), and to all the staff who have supported her and the children throughout. Thanks to the PTA too for providing refreshments and organising the raffle:)

A HUGE well done to everyone who took part.




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  1. These photos are great! What an amazing show to be apart of, well done everyone who performed and the amazing hosts.

  2. It was a fantastic evening, and an amazing selection of talented brave young people. Thank you so much for organising it Miss Mutch!!!

  3. Fabulous evening with amazing acts. Well done to all the talented young people and thank you to everyone who made it happen. Will the videos be available for parents? Thank you

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