Penguins go back in time to 1910 and 1920 30.4.24


Penguins have had a fantastic day at Scruton and Leeming Bar Stations today.Β  We boarded a Time Travelling Train andΒ  travelled back to 1910 (the year after our school was built!)

When we reached Scruton station, the children were delighted to wear costumes, try out toys from the past, go on a scavenger hunt around the station and join the queue, buying tickets at the ticket office ready to board the train to their desired destination.

After lunch they travelled forwards to 1920 (back to Leeming Bar station) where they got to play a tuba and trumpet, play more children’s games from 100 years ago and finally draw pictures of their experiences.

All the children were well behaved; listening carefully, following instructions and showing respect which was commented on by the excellent adults in role they met from the early 1900s!

Thank you to our helpers and a massive well done to all the children for their positivity and eagerness to learn and I am sure they will remember this visit for many years to come.

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