What an amazing afternoon! Deciding to run a cyclocross event wasn’t a difficult decision but I was unsure how much interest there would be from the children given that we had never run one before. However, 3 children had been to an event at Le Cateau and had enjoyed the experience and Mr Middleton (Oliver and Jacob’s dad) offered to help us set up and run our own event.

By lunchtime today, the excitement was building for the forthcoming races. There were nerves too. Some of the 29 children had never ridden over such terrain before and for others this was their ‘thing’. Having such diverse experience is always exciting because you never know what talent you will uncover. Today was no exception. Children showed true grit and determination. Their sporting spirit to encourage one another and believe in themselves was infectious.

We had six races with a final to finish off the afternoon. In the final was; Becksy, Oliver, Elliott, Noah, Eddie and Will. We added a seventh rider, Ben, who absolutely flew round the course pushing Will to the line in their race.

The final finishers were as follows:

1st Noah

2nd Oliver

3rd Becksy

Well done to all the competitors who took part today and thank you to everyone who helped prepare the course, walk the children to the field, marshal, give out drinks and cheer the children on. Particular thanks has to go to Mr Middleton and his parents who spent all day at the field and to Mr Searle who was on call with the first aid bag should it have been needed.   


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  1. A fabulous day for everyone. All who cycled had a fabulous time and those watching explored the natural environment now available to support our learning in our new ‘distant field’. On the return to school children of all ages said that they would cycle ‘next time’!
    This is the first major event on the field. I hope it will be the first of many. It is a super place to re enact battles from the past, explore wildlife or develop artistic skills of photography, drawing or painting and much more. The changes in the seasons will certainly make the place interesting to study. We couldn’t have asked for better weather today.
    A big thanks to everyone for making this happen and the governing body for supporting the development of the field. Finally to the NYCC grounds maintenance team for getting the field and track ready to use.

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