Heritage Week in Bees

The children have loved celebrating this special event!

We have been reading different stories about transport such as ‘The Little Red Train’. We have sequenced the story and written about what is happening in these pictures.

The year 1 children performed a poem about a steam train to the rest of their class.

The children wanted to open an ‘Applegarth Car Garage’ outside where we could take our cars to fix.

We built a train outside and used our imagination to think of various places we could visit.

We have looked at new and old pictures of steam trains and vintage cars.

Mr Hatfield came into school with his vintage car. We enjoyed looking at it and noticing the differences to modern cars. The children had lots of questions for him. How old is it? Where did you get it from? How fast can it go? Does it have a CD player?

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on “Heritage Week in Bees
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  1. The children in Bees have really enjoyed learning about steam trains and we have some budding mechanics who are very eager to fix all our cars, bikes and trains. A great week have a restful half term everyone!

  2. It’s been a fantastic heritage week and I know the children have learnt so much about Northallerton, life in the past and transport this year. Thanks everyone.

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