Thank you letter from McBride Opticians


McBride Opticians have written a lovely letter to the Puffins and the Penguins and sent in some chocolates and Haribo sweets to say thank you for decorating their tree at All Saints Church for the Christmas tree festival.

Evie in Puffins has written a letter back to say thank you.

“We liked that they gave us some sweets.” Effie

“We weren’t expecting sweets and chocolates and it was a lovely surprise.” Barney

“We enjoyed the festival and making all theย  decorations.”ย  Imogen

One Comment

on “Thank you letter from McBride Opticians
One Comment on “Thank you letter from McBride Opticians
  1. It is great to see our children understanding the importance of letter writing and in the days of e mail the importance of presenting your handwriting neatly for this purpose.
    Well done Penguins and Puffins.

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