This is our school…

… Children from Applegarth past and present may recognise this as the first line of our school prayer.

Today Penguins and Puffins thought about what it means to belong to our school for the first lesson of our new PSHE topic.  They produced some super writing. It’s hard to encapsulate what makes our school the way it is in twenty five minutes of independent writing but they gave it a great go!



on “This is our school…
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  1. Great writing Puffins. It’s great to hear your thoughts on what makes our school an enjoyable place to learn and grow!

  2. They were so proud when they came down to share their thoughts in the office.
    How do you think we live up to our aims?
    Aim high…?
    Are we happy…?
    Do we celebrate…?
    Do we work together….?

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