KS2 Cyclocross 2018

This was our third intraschool cyclocross event today. It was bitterly cold session for the year 3/4 children in the morning and for the Year 5/6 children this afternoon, rather a soggy one. In fact it was so soggy that we have actually had to postpone the event until another time.

It was lovely to see new and familiar faces at the event. Some children were keen to better their previous performance while some were just there for the experience.

Thanks to Mr Middleton and all of the other volunteers on the day. It’s much appreciated by myself and the children.

Winners of the Year 3/4 event were Joseph and Leah

Winners of the Year 5/6 event wee… to be decided


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  1. What a shame – our first wet day after so many days of sunshine! Autumn is definitely upon us. Hopefully we can find out who those Year 5/6 winners will be soon.

  2. The children were so keen to take part. Thanks to our winners, everyone who took part and the organisers. These events take a lot of organising. A big thanks to Mrs Hughes, Mr Middleton and Mrs O’Toole and the other adults who volunteered and helped on the day. Finally, to all the families who made sure the children had their bike, helmet and appropriate clothing.

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