Forest School 6.11.18

Sorry I am a little late in posting this Forest School session from 6.11.18

There was so much going on in Forest School that day!

In the woods we had a marvelous time going on a hunt around the forest to find objects that were spiky, bendy, bigger than a head or smaller than a pea. The children found some very interesting objects! They enjoyed sharing their findings with their friends.

Some children spent their self-directed time playing in their dens creating narratives or making natural art from pine cones and needles found on the forest floor.

Elsewhere in the woods, a small group at a time spent the afternoon learning how to set and light a fire. They practised using a fire striker, then helped to collect different thicknesses of sticks, before independently lighting cotton wool (under the watchful eye of Miss Miller and Mrs Hobbs) and then got to make and eat flat bread. Yum yum!

What a great day! At the end of the day we talked about what had made us proud and what we had enjoyed. Weโ€™re all looking forward to our next Forest School adventure in 2019





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  1. The flat bread looked better than those on โ€˜The Great British Bake Offโ€™. Well done everyone. Great to see the focus on vocabulary continues in the forest as well as in the classroom.

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