Soggy Socks🧦 ⚽️🌧🧦


Today’s football session with Mr Lofthouse was rather soggy to say the least. However, we were greeted by a beautiful double rainbow. The children worked hard to defend the ball in a small game situation. There were two defenders and  a team of 6 passing the ball accurately to each other. Children learnt how to create space, to look up and pass the ball, to move for the ball and to be alert to receive the ball.

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on “Soggy Socks🧦 ⚽️🌧🧦
One Comment on “Soggy Socks🧦 ⚽️🌧🧦
  1. Great to see the lesson continue. Looks as though the children learnt some Science as well – rainbows and how to dry socks.

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