Feedback makes us even more fabulous…

Today’s ReflectED session was all about how feedback can help us to improve. Armed with an intricate scientific picture of a butterfly, Year 1/2 were tasked with drawing it in just five minutes! After receiving feedback from a friend, they had two more attempts. We talked about how feedback – both written and verbal – makes us feel and can help us and why it is important not to be upset by feedback given.

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on “Feedback makes us even more fabulous…
One Comment on “Feedback makes us even more fabulous…
  1. It was great visiting the RefectEd lessons this week in the Y12, Y34 and Y56 classes. The children were discussing the various types of feedback, using drama in small groups to enact opportunities for feedback and some reflecting on the effectiveness of their class teacher’s written feedback to their work.
    A super week!
    I also enjoyed listening to some very enthusiastic ‘mathematicians’ in Puffins class discussing numbers and their properties.

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