Puffins and Penguins story telling

The children have produced some fabulous work linked to their story writing about the Three Little Pigs.Β  We have learned the story, performed the story, improved the description in the story, made story maps and puppets, built cuboid houses and added sound effects with percussion instruments.Β  Its been a time for teamwork, turn taking, sharing skills and a growth mindset.

Owen wrote “Luckily, he wasn’t very clever because he didn’t make a plan, not a very good one anyway.” when describing the wolf.

Noah wrote ” The clouds were like spirits, floating in the sky.”

Lily wrote “He had red, flaming, beady eyes that looked from side to side looking for sweet, tasty baby pigs and a terrible, grinning smile.”

Ellouise wrote ” Mother pig said “I am fed up, you fight, you shout, you argue its time you leave. So they shouted at their mother and said “Fine you meany we’ll go.”


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  1. Some lovely work. Mrs New and I saw.the children working on their maps drawn on recycled cardboard. A fabulous idea.

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