Y3/4 are Ancient Greek architects!

As part of our history topic on Ancient Greece, Year 3/4 children were given the opportunity to actually build a building, based on the incredible Ancient Greek Parthenon.

Bob, from Architechture Workshops, worked with the children, explaining how we couldn’t use stone like the Greeks did; instead, we were to use sticks and elastic bands! We used our small sticks to make a tripod, understanding what tri meant. We then made a quadpod…deciding to use the Latin, tetra to make a tetrapod!

Some children became coaches while most showed real resilience when elastic bands snapped or sticks dropped the wrong way.

Children then worked in groups of four to create a larger structure, attaching long pieces of wood. They then worked in groups of ten to make some bipods (we knew how many sticks we needed to create each one!) that then formed a roof!

The result was an incredible structure that all 40 children could fit into, just like the ancient Greeks visited the temple of Athena in Ancient Greece!

All the children had great fun, enriching their knowledge of how to make structures stable, how to work as a team listening to others’ ideas and how to break down problems to find what worked and what needed changing!

A huge thank you to Bob and the amazingly innovative Architectural Workshops for inspiring budding architects and engineers in Y3/4!


on “Y3/4 are Ancient Greek architects!
5 Comments on “Y3/4 are Ancient Greek architects!
  1. The blog is great as Annie was so excited to tell us all about her experience, this helps accompany her recollections. Thank you

  2. What a fabulous idea! Very exciting. It would be very hard to describe exactly what they had to do. Great photographs.

  3. Katie really enjoyed this and was so excited to come home and describe how they had built the Parthenon – although it’s easier to show parents with photos than it is to describe!

  4. There was so much learning taking place: team work, history, architecture and resilience. It was a mystery to everyone but as the day went on, an amazing structure began to take shape and the final raising of the roof was beyond exciting for the pupils. What a day!

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