Y3/4 and Anglo-Saxon preaching crosses

Year 3/4 had a wonderful day today, visiting Northallerton’s All Saint’s Church to find out about some Anglo-Saxon preaching cross parts that had been found in the grounds some years ago. They learnt that the Angles who settled here probably used the preaching crosses to listen to passing preachers or monks from nearby monasteries and that they had been possibly been carved by stonemasons from a nearby stonemasons’s school in Brompton! Wow! We remembered that Northallerton possibly got its name from a local farmer and was called Alvertun or Aelfereton in those times.
Children observed the cross pieces and attempted to sketch some of the more intricate patterns, particularly the local  Brompton intertwining pattern.
A huge thank you must go to Peter Harbord from All Saint’s Church and also to John Parkinson of the Local History Society for giving up their time today and for teaching us so much about our local area. Living history on our doorstep!

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